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Jun. 9th, 2011 09:38 am
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I am discovering that there are a few strange little quirks in AO3's search function.

If you're an author, and you ever think one of your fics should be on the list and it isn't, please leave me a comment (or email snarky.llama at gmail) with the fic's url.

Also, if you read one of these fics and discover that it's incomplete, please let me know so I that can remove it from the listing. (I've found two since yesterday that tricked me when I first glanced at the ending.)

Thank you and happy reading!

Example quirks:
*Fics that are first posted as drafts are dated from the day they were first uploaded (not when they are published). So it's possible for me to miss fics when I'm searching for fics from the last two or three days.

*Some fics don't show up in date searches and I have no clue why. One of the authors that I'm subscribed to completed a fic last night. I searched for it this morning. It did not show up in any of my searches until I searched for the author's name with no date range given.

*This is not really a quirk, but authors can change toggle the complete/incomplete status on their fics. (And they can also lie. Rar.)


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